Cleaning Up

Some days building a house turns into gardening and waste management. Getting the site ready for completing the driveway and remaining earthworks was the catalyst today. The black plastic pictured is our worst waste product from the build. Exacerbated by the fact some of it is now super brittle due to sun exposure.

Rendering complete

External lime render is all done. The final finish is a rough hand trowel with
an oxide in the mix for colour giving a textured look. Quite different to the look inside the house. 

Managing construction waste

A beautiful autumn day for sorting through site waste. It isn’t going to get our house finished any sooner, but it is helping manage the impact of our build. So far the only surplus materials to leave the site have been straw for use in mulch and some pine off cuts (untreated) for kindling. The big pile of lime bags you see will find a home in a hugelkultur garden bed in the back yard.